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It’s Time to Outsource Now

Do you feel you are being squeezed by BGL to a non preferred option between increased Desktop Licence Fees or the 360 option?

Perhaps it’s time to consider outsourcing and

     save on licence fees

     save time and money on re-training staff

     free staff for more core activities in your business

The Super Factory is able to offer an outsourcing solution for your SMSF annual reporting and audit obligations using BGL Desktop.

We are pleased to be able to offer very attractive wholesale rates which also includes an audit if so desired.

Call us now to investigate how we can establish a system that suits you and your business – 1300 784 749

The Super Factory is specifically geared to service
businesses in the Financial Services industry.

Our Business Is To Service Your Business And Your Clients By:

  • Staying up to date with government regulation changes
  • Interpreting and understanding the implications of those changes
  • Providing timely and accurate accounting and reporting data
  • Providing a cost efficient, independent auditing process

The Super Factory specialises in SMSF administration and can deliver an annual cost effective and comprehensive administration, compliance, audit and reporting process.

Outsourcing your SMSF administration allows you to maintain client relationships AND:

  • Reduce your current non-core workload
  • Increase your client base with little increase in your workload
  • Focus on the Core Activity of your business, increasing your profit margin
  • Reduce compliance risks for your business

Outsource your SMSF administration, compliance, audit and reporting tasks so that you can focus on the work for which you were trained.

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