Purchasing Property

If you wish to purchase property with your superannuation savings, this can only be done with an SMSF.

Currently, SMSF’s can borrow to purchase property, but there are many factors you should consider before going down that track. Macquarie Bank have published an excellent resource on the pros and cons of borrowing within super to purchase a property, which can be found here.

Comparison rates and fees for some lending institutions can be found here

However, if you would like a referral to a lending institution that can establish a loan through your SMSF, based on your personal financial position, give us a call. Variable interest is at ‘normal’ rates, rather than the inflated rates most banks charge. Your SMSF will need a 30% deposit.

Should you decide to proceed, our staff will guide you through all the necessary steps to see your plans brought to fruition.

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