Short pre 30 June 2018 Checklist

1  Ensure your minimum pension is paid by 30 June 2018

2  Consider whether to maximise concessional contributions up to the $25,000 cap. Employees are now eligible to supplement their employer contributions without the need for salary sacrifice arrangements or meeting the old 10% rule. Call us if you would like to discuss.

3  Ensure any contributions are received by your fund prior to 30 June 2018.

4  Turning 65 soon? Do you need to consider using the 3  year bring forward contribution rule.

5  Had a good 2018 year but 2019 is looking a bit grim with a much lower income level? Consider a $50,000 concessional contribution in June 2018.

6  Do you need to consider a Spouse Splitting arrangement to manage the $1.6M cap for pensions and Total Super Balance?

7  Does your SMSF administrator know about any other superannuation interests you may have. This is essential to calculating your Total Superannuation Balance which then affects the level of non-concessional contributions you can make and the level of pension balance you should have in your SMSF.

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