Minimum balances and Expense ratios

Much in the media of late re the relevance of an SMSF for the average Australian.

From the Cooper Review 2010 – “there has been a long running debate about whether there should be a minimum SMSF asset size, with many industry participants questioning whether an SMSF with $200,000 in assets could be cost competitive with large APRA funds. The Panel does not believe there is a need to mandate a minimum SMSF asset size which would only act as an artificial barrier to entry; within the choice architecture model members have the right to choose”.

Choice in Australia is a long standing tradition and we should remember our country has been built on the average Aussie having a ‘go’.

We think it is worth noting that with our fee of $1925 inc gst, plus the Supervisory Levy of $259, the average expense ratio is only 1.09% for an SMSF with a $200,000 balance. How does that compare with your retail/industry fund?

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